Monday, December 19, 2011

This Could Only Happen To One With The Bad Gag Reflex!

So today I was babysitting my brothers and sisters while my parents where out Christmas shopping, and two of my siblings were wrestling in the hallway. I hear my 11 year old brother start to scream. Apparently he had gotten punched in the nose by my 7 year old little sister, causing a REALLY bad nose bleed. He runs into the kitchen (instead of the bathroom, which he was right next to) leaving a trail of blood on our carpet and kitchen floor. I run into the kitchen to see how bad it is. Now if you know me well, you would know that I have a horrible gag reflex and I hate blood! THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!! I try to hold it together, but then it got on my hand, and I couldn't keep it together any longer. I'm standing there dry heaving and he's over the sink laughing at my dry heaving, while trying to control his bloody nose. There were puddles of blood on the counter and all over the floor. I grab the paper towels and Windex (while still dry heaving like crazy), and tried to clean it up. I was starting to get a hold of myself, until I looked at my brother and he had blood all over himself, and the dry heaving got worse! We were quit a sight to be seen! Finally I get the kitchen all cleaned up, and his bloody nose had stopped. So now it was time to clean the hallway. I start cleaning the carpet (still can't stop dry heaving) and my brother went down stairs to get my other brother, and they come up to watch me dry heave!! So not only am I cleaning his bloody nose mess, but he goes and get's my brother to laugh at me! I sooooo better get an extra Christmas present for that! 


  1. I've been too busy to read this before now. Did you get extra presents for cleaning up while trying not to be sick? Thanks for the laugh!!

    1. haha no... i didn't get any extra presents!
      I should have though:)